Prove + AWS Partnership

Purpose-built for a mobile-centric world. We simplify and secure the digital economy, providing businesses the confidence to do more while modernizing the way consumers prove who they are.


Countries and regions 
covered worldwide

1 Billion+

Unique identity tokens 
under management

30 Billion+

Identity and authentication events 
processed annually

Why Prove

Why Prove & AWS Are Better Together

Prove and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have teamed up to bring the world's most accurate identity verification and authentication platform to the AWS Cloud. Our partnership enables businesses to improve the consumer experience, mitigate fraud, and rapidly grow with frictionless identity verification & authentication solutions. Now customers can easily consolidate billing with your AWS subscription, streamline procurement processes and increase overall speed to market. Backed by the Amazon Partner Network, we're confidently helping mitigate fraud while accelerating revenue.

Prove’s Solutions

How the Prove platform can help your business

Prove Pre-Fill®

Onboard consumers up to 79% faster

Pre-populate application forms with verified identity information, reducing consumer friction and fraud. Optional KYC checks.

Prove Identity®

Confidently verify consumers

Verify consumers' identity with just their phone, no document scans or selfies needed. Reduce friction and control fraud.

Prove Identity™ verifies:
Phone Number
Full Name
Date of Birth
SSN/National Identifier
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Prove Auth®

Fast, easy, and secure authentication

Move beyond passwords and OTPs with an authentication solution solution that's simple, secure, and more cost-effective than legacy authenticators. Frictionlessly authenticate from any channel.

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